Ree Kimberley

Generation Rat. When you can see the signs it's already too late…


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Ree (Maree) Kimberley is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. She loves reading, travel, searching for books in second hand stores and everything French (yes, even eating snails).

Her writerly obsessions include weird science, bizarre pets and strange places. She also has a thing for circuses. Ree enjoys combining her obsessions into stories but sometimes she just writes about things that happen. Read an interview with Ree where talks about some of her interests, including neuroscience and posthumans.

Ree’s first novel for young adults, Rat City, is now available.

As Maree Kimberley, she has also published short stories in the anthologies Defying DoomsdayImpossible Spaces, The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2015 along with lots of other stuff. You can read an interview with Maree from her time at the wonderful La Muse Artists’ Retreat in France.