I’m taking a couple of week’s break from the day job and, as well as writing, fixing up my spare bedroom as a writing room is top of my to-do list.

It started to come together in January this year when I abandoned the idea of a standing desk  – or any kind of desk – for a day bed. It made sense. For all the years when I didn’t have a writing room, I have written while lying on my bed or a sofa. So I headed to the infamous Swedish furniture store and picked out a day bed. It was a big piece of furniture so I did the sensible thing and paid someone to put it together for me. Smart move!

Next on the list was shelving. I’m on a pretty tight budget so I thought I’d shop around online and see what I could find. I have space for one large shelf and a smaller one, and I found what looked like the perfect fit for the smaller shelf. Even better it was on sale. On the website, it looked like this.


Assembly was required but hey, it was only a shelf. How hard could  it be? Delivery was cheap and prompt. Within 2 days I had the box containing my new bookcase. Then I opened it up and found this.

bookcase pieces

This is what I expected, of course. The fact that I couldn’t work out what the bits that put it all together were wasn’t too much of an issue. Youtube has a video for everything. But then there were the instructions. In what I’m guessing is Chinese.


Luckily I’m a resourceful person and not easily defeated. Who needs to be able to read Chinese when I can read the pictures? Undeterred, I put out all the pieces and tried to match them to the diagram. It had to work. After all I only needed 4 main pieces and they’d been kind enough to send me 5. A spare!

But try as I might, I could not match the pieces to the diagram. They’d sent me 5 pieces, but only 3 of the ones I could use. Sigh.

The company has been responsive though. After a few emails back and forth they’re sending me the shelf part I need. So stay tuned for part 2 when I attempt to put the shelf together. Assuming I survive the experience, of course…