Here’s an interview with me and the lovely Kristen Twardoski. Kristen asked me some really interesting and probing questions about my study, my influences and my writing. Hope you enjoy it!

Kristen Twardowski

I’m thrilled to add another interview to my series of discussions with editors, writers, and other folks in books publishing. I had the opportunity to speak with the marvelous and ever brilliant Ree Kimberley who is the author of Rat City, a young adult science fiction novel, as well as a brilliant scholar. She offers insight into the future of literature and how the brain works when reading. (I, perhaps unfairly, asked her some big questions about the mind, and she rose to the challenge with grace and eloquence.)

You can also check out the other interviews in this series, including one with Editorial Director Alison Hennessey and another with teacher and author Sarah J. Higbee.

Ree Kimberley.jpgBio: 

 Ree Kimberley is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. Her degrees in creative writing involved studying the roles of posthumanism and neuroscience in young adult literature, and those topics permeate her…

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