I’ve joined Peter M. Ball’s Sunday Circle to help keep my writing on track. Follow along here or join in the fun over at Peter’s blog, Man Versus Bear.

What am I working on this week?

As well as hitting my word count target for my draft of Rise of the Rat Generation, this week I tackled a horror short story that has been gathering a pile of rejections. Luckily the most recent rejection gave me some all-important feedback and I’m currently rewriting the story to give more depth to the bad guy. Bad guy characters who are too one-dimensional is an ongoing issue in my writing but I have trouble picking up on it. Once someone points it out to me, though, it’s obvious. Hopefully, this time I’ll learn my lesson.

Also during this past week I finished and submitted a fellowship application with 5 hours to spare, so I’m patting myself on the back for that mini-goal achievement.

What’s inspiring me this week?

I took a new path on one of my morning walks this week and discovered some whimsical community art. Trees along this particular stretch of pathway had little artworks attached to the trunks. The cleverest one was a small fairy door at the base of the trunk but there were other sprayed, sparkly and bells-on pieces, too. I love the idea that art can be everywhere and anywhere, and the appeal of these small artworks for  me is the way they connect with their surroundings and express the simple joys of life.

What part of my project am I avoiding?

No avoidance from me this week. I have many faults as a writer (including being blind to common errors in my work) but lack of discipline isn’t one of them.