Whenever I’m travelling I love wandering the streets searching out great pieces of street art. In 2015 I was in Montpelier, in the south-east of France, which has some of  the best street art in the world. But what really surprised me was the street art in the nearby coastal town, Sète, a short drive/train ride away.

People told  me I needed to visit Sète to eat their famous octopus pie, the tielle sétoise (delicious), and to climb Mont St Clair for the 360 degree views across  the Mediterranean (amazing). But apart from the pie, the walks, the views and stumbling upon a local writers’festival (more about that later), the street art was an absolute highlight.


Street art in Sète: artist unknown (I want to love you)

There were so many styles of street art, from the simplicity of the message on the wall to multi-layered pieces that combined tags, stencils and freehand.

Tags on an iron gate. Batman logo atop a pillar. Layered stencils, tags & blocks of colour.

Many of the most whimsical pieces were collected in a small backstreet named Rue Doumet, a place that can only be found by random wandering.

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From the wall-length whale, to the small, sad child on the doorway, to the multi-faceted piece that’s a mash-up of styles, there was so much great street art to be discovered within this small tourist village. Sète is most famous for its St Louis Festival, which features nautical jousting. But behind the fancy shops, the canals, and the displays of wealth, the town’s street tells a whole other fabulous story. One day, I hope to get back there.

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