All the latest from Australian Horror, including a new release from The Refuge Collection and a new short story from Cameron Trost.

~ Sinister Reads ~

So, it’s August 2016. That snuck up like Pennywise!  Enjoy this short but powerful edition of Sinister Reads. How could you possible go past The Refuge Collection, Heaven to Some (Volumes 1-3)? With contributions from some of AHWA best, you will be fascinated and horrified by the town of Refuge. But wait, there’s more! Check out Murder on the Cogsworthy Express by the wonderfully wicked Cameron Trost.

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Sinister Reads

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The Refuge Collection, Heaven to Some (Volumes 1-3)

Authors: Ramsey Campbell, Tracie McBride, Martin Livings, Kaaron Warren, Brian Craddock, Lee Murray, Steve Dillon, Noel Osualdini, EJ McLaughlin, Chris McCorkindale, David Allen

Illustrated by: Will Jacques, Matty Taylor, Edward Miller, Steve Dillon, Greg Chapman, Simon Sayce

Published by: Steve Dillon for The Refuge Collection

ISBN no.: 9780994592200 (Hardback) and 9780994592217 (Paperback)

Release date: 19 th August 2016

RRP: $US66.60  (HB) and $US33.30 (PB)

Available here.

The Refuge…

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