The are loads of rodent characters populating TV shows and movies. From that famous squeaky-voiced mouse with red pants and white gloves to Remy, animated star of the hit movie Ratatouille, rats, mice and other rodents often steal the show. I have loads of favourite rat and mouse characters, but I’ve managed to narrow them down to my top 5.


Number 5: Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Splinter, the sensei and father-figure for the Ninja Turtles, usually stays in the background offering wise advise. But sometimes (like in the image above, a still from season 10 way back in 1987) he kicks some major butt. That earns him spot number 5 in my countdown.


Number 4: Rizzo the Rat from the Muppets

For me Rizzo’s appeal is his Brooklyn attitude and shameless scene-stealing behaviour. He’s a rat who’s willing to back himself and his own talent, as you can tell in this video, Rizzo’s Biggest Fan. His street reporting skills aren’t bad either. Rizzo is one multi-talented rat. And best of all, he loves pizza!


rattus rat

Number 3: Rattus Rat from Horrible Histories

I’m a huge fan of Horrible Histories, and the cheeky host Rattus Rat adds a bit of extra fun to an already fabulous show. He might make a few cheesy jokes (of course he does, he’s a rat!) but that just makes it all the better. And who else but a rat, the creature who brought the plague to the Middle Ages, is more qualified to host the show?

danger mouse

Number 2: Danger Mouse

This awesome rodent super-hero from the 1980s was revived in a bigger, better and even more awesome new cartoon series in 2015.  Always stylish and debonaire, the years haven’t aged him or made him any less reliant on his faithful sidekick Penfold. But never fear, you can count on Danger Mouse: whenever there is danger he’ll be there!


Number 1: Brain from Pinky and the Brain

A rodent superhero is good. But an rodent evil mastermind is definitely better, especially when the rodent has been genetically modified. Pinky and the Brain is one of my fave 90s cartoons.Brain is a genius, poor Pinky – not so much. Like many cartoon masterminds, Brain’s schemes to take over the world never turn out well. But it’s so much fun watching him use that super-brain of his to try. Never seen the cartoon? Watch the Pinky and the Brain intro and you’ll soon be hooked.

These are my faves but what about yours? Which rodent of the small or big screen do you love that I’ve left off my list?