Rats. People either love them or hate them. Whatever you think of them, there’s no denying that they’re smart and have lots of skills. Rats can swim, climb and jump. They can hold their breath so well you could flush them down a toilet and they’d survive (but do not do this, never ever!) They can run and scale walls as well as any parkour champion. Like their arch enemies, cats, rats can jump from a great height and land on their feet. With a running start, they can leap up onto an object that’s almost a metre high. In human terms, that’s like being able to run and jump onto the roof of your house.

There’s a great video that shows rats showing off some great skills made by NanoBorderCollie. Check out these amazing rat tricks.

rat climbing cord

Rats really are incredible! And with all these fantastic physical skills, imagine what might happen if it wasn’t robots that took over the world, but rats?

Image credits:  top image by Janine; 2nd image by Henrik Betner